Friday 24 June 2022

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu is my new STYLE

No matter how effective I am in the article, I want to stay in the hospital for a long time, aura is often "unhappy". There are so many stories I want to share because it is clear that I still have successes in other fields or even in the field of dance as a promising doctor. "Only" Dance Cover, Hi ...). It's not good to share the good news without special equipment (because I've never documented it before, I don't have a real camera) and my friends' materials aren't complete, so I can. I won't tell you much. 2 months ago at the Grand City Mall Surabaya at the ETUDE Time 3 Dance Cover Event it was an honor for me and my dance team even though we only met on 2 campuses. Check out our semi-final here

Well, now I'm making a new story. For the past few days I have been very anxious and angry until I got sick because I went to one of the big and heavy Koas towers. I once saw a very clear and interesting music video on YouTube. It was written in Japanese (I can't even read the artist's name) but I clicked on the video because the image was red and crazy. We present the video: